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October 20th, 2004, 08:31 AM
5 Hair care secrets (

this article is very basic information as far as anyone is here is concerned. but you guys were my inspiration! I realized that non-long haired people don't know about things like seamless combs and satin pillowcases. most hair magazines dont even address tips, other that the styling sort.

October 20th, 2004, 10:02 AM
Great article, brunettprincess :thumbsup:

October 20th, 2004, 10:19 AM
Very good!!! I'll have to print it out and show it to a couple of my friends that I'm trying to convert. :wink:

October 20th, 2004, 10:25 AM
Great stuff - it may be common sense to the people on this board, but it's definitely not common sense to everyone.


October 23rd, 2004, 03:45 PM
great article.